Simply Smart Flashcards

The best flashcarding app for memorization-heavy exams and college/grad courses.

Simpler than Anki

Many grad students swear by Anki, but let’s be honest. It looks like it was made in the 90s and requires confusing add-ons and countless video tutorials to figure it out. It’s just not simple enough.

Smarter than Quizlet

Quizlet may be easy to figure out, but it is sorely lacking in the features required to effectively create and memorize large quantities of flashcards. It’s just not smart enough.

Finally, an app that is both simple and smart!

Simply Smart Flashcards gives students the best of both worlds. It has all the features needed to memorize large amounts of information while being sleek and easy to learn. Check out our core features:

Simply Smart Features


Spaced Repetition

Not only does our app have you review each flashcard stack at increasing intervals that aid in content memorization, but you can also set a test date so that you will be reminded to study it right before your upcoming exam.


Easily Insert Pictures and Drawings

Our app allows you to insert a picture on both sides of a flashcard, crop it, and draw on it. Use this feature to quickly create 10+ labelled diagram flashcards for an anatomy exam. Or take a picture of your professor’s whiteboard notes during class and draw over the parts you need to test yourself on.

Automated Memorization Coaching

Making flashcards that will result in long-term retention is not easy. That’s why we built memorization coaching directly into the app. Our automated smart reminders provide you with memorization tips to ensure you are making effective flashcards every step of the way.

Study Smarter

Stay Organized

Our app’s sidebar allows you to organize your flashcard stacks within any number of folders! In your Biology folder, for example, you could have a folder for each midterm, then a folder for each textbook chapter, and finally a flashcard stack for each section.

Never Miss a Review Session

Next to each stack, you’ll see the due date for its next review session. Additionally, when a stack becomes due, it’ll pop up on the app’s homepage as a reminder to review it.

See Your Results

When reviewing your flashcards, you’ll be able to track how well you are doing. When your exam date arrives, you’ll know with certainty that you are ready to ace it.

Make Flashcards in a Flash!

Our app is optimized for making flashcards as fast as possible. Images can be cropped and drawn on right within the app. Cards can also be duplicated, allowing you to reuse the same images/drawings for multiple cards.

Welcome to Simply Smart Flashcards!

Hi! My name is Andrew George, the Founder and CEO of Simply Smart Flashcards. 

Learning never came easy for me, and I always had to exert a lot of effort to succeed in my classes. My struggle motivated me to develop flashcarding techniques that transformed me from an average student into a straight-A college student. 

As a tutor for the MCAT, one of the most difficult standardized tests out there, I taught many of my students these techniques, but I noticed that many of them struggled to put them into practice. 

For this reason, I decided to build an app that would use smart reminders to continually encourage students to make and review flashcards in the most effective manner possible; thus Simply Smart Flashcards was born!

I hope it leads you to academic success, and if you need any help along the way, I’m here to help!

Andrew George, Founder & CEO


A very pleasurable experience. Quick. Easy. Convenient. Dare I say, simple. Creating cards with this app has basically become second nature to me, at this point.


Beta Tester

I like how the algorithm is like Anki with a much better interface. It is very easy to use.


Beta Tester

I am enjoying the app and find it quite useful and very helpful. I made a few more cards at this point and have quite a few. I am really coming to appreciate that the app schedules for me and insists that I review wrong answers until I get them all correct, which makes me feel like I got the most out of each study session. I am seeing an improvement in my understanding of difficult concepts with more and more review.


Beta Tester


What makes Simply Smart Flashcards better than Anki?

Think of Simply Smart Flashcards like Anki 2.0. Our app is meant to be a more modern, easy-to-use version of Anki. Just like Anki, you can make flashcards with pictures and drawings, but doing so is much more user-friendly and efficient. In Anki, cropping and drawing on images must be done in an external program, which can take a lot of time. Inserting, cropping, and drawing on images is all done within our app, making it far more efficient. What really sets Simply Smart Flashcards apart from Anki and any other flashcarding app is the memorization coaching built right into the app. 

What Makes Simply Smart Flashcards better than Quizlet?

Quizlet is great for a high schooler preparing for a vocabulary test, but it is not built for college/grad students needing to memorize high quantities of information. Simply Smart Flashcards was built for memorizing in the smartest, most efficient manner possible. Quizlet only allows you to insert a picture on the back of a flashcard and has no built-in drawing or cropping options. Simply Smart Flashcards allows you to insert, crop, and draw on images for both the front and back. Additionally, Quizlet’s spaced repetition is disorganized and not a standard feature. Our app was built with spaced repetition in mind, also allowing you to set a test date for each stack. Last of all, our app has built-in memorization coaching, ensuring you are studying in the smartest possible way. 

How close is the app to being fully developed?

Our app is already fully functional with the most important features ready to use. You can make flashcards and insert, crop, and draw on images for both the front and back of flashcards. While making flashcards, smart reminders will pop up from time to time providing you with feedback on how to make flashcards in the most effective manner possible. Spaced repetition is enabled, and you will be reminded to review each stack you create when it is due. You can also set a test date for each stack so that you will be reminded to study it the day before your exam in school.

What will be required of me as a beta tester?

As a beta tester, you will be required to fill out a brief 1-to-3-minute survey each week telling us about your experience using the app. If you decide not to use the app, we’d really appreciate you letting us know why. Our goal is to build the perfect flashcarding app for YOU!

What is the pricing?

The app is currently free to all beta testers. Once the app is fully developed, we will have a free version and a pro version. The free version will allow you to maintain access to all of your cards and make text-only cards. The pro version will include all the Simply Smart features (inserting images, spaced repetition, smart reminders, etc). We are still figuring out the best pricing model, but the pro version will likely require a small subscription of just $5-10/month.

What features are still in the works?

The primary purpose of beta testing at this point is to work out any remaining kinks or bugs that might exist. It is also to help us know what features need to be added to best meet your needs. We are VERY open to your feedback! Here are some features we are currently working on adding:

  • Ability to make cards and review them without internet access.
  • Option to shuffle cards in review mode
  • Undo (back arrow) for sketch feature to erase last input
  • Rich text options for making flashcards
  • Ability to import/export flashcards from other programs.
  • And much more!
How does the spaced repetition work?

After making a stack of flashcards, you should review it immediately. This will start spaced repetition, ensuring that you review that stack:

  • Right away
  • 1 day later
  • 1 week later
  • 1 month later
  • 3 months later
  • 1 year later
  • Once per year thereafter
    Can I use the app on my phone?

    Yes! Our app is built to work on any browser and any device type. Simply log into the app using your favorite browser. Our app is a webapp; thus, it is not currently available in the Google Play or Apple Store.

    How do I get started?

    Simply click on the sign up button below, create your free beta testing account, and you’ll be able to start using the app right away!

    Ready to get started with Simply Smart Flashcards?